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Virtual MarketingTeams

Strategic marketing solutions tailored to your business.
It doesn’t always make sense to have a full in-house marketing team. A virtual or locally outsourced marketing solution can give you increased flexibility, offer valuable insight and save you money. The Marketing and Design Collective provides expert marketing professionals to help you stand out, grow your brand and create lasting value.
Our Marketing Directors integrate seamlessly with your team and get to the core of your business. They’ll get to know you, identify priorities and establish growth aspirations, then use them as a foundation to build a marketing strategy that helps you achieve your objectives.
And they don’t just offer their own expertise, they also draw upon the wealth of knowledge and support from our Collective members, so your business can benefit from the talents and experience of a full marketing team. Thus giving you a comprehensive marketing service for a fraction of the cost of a single hire.
Our flexible services are ideal for all budgets. Choose from a number of retainer packages, or we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Marketing Director
Our Marketing Directors have worked within strategic marketing roles for more than 10 years, where they acquired extensive knowledge, skills and industry experience. They will work alongside your team to create fully integrated marketing strategies that generate buzz, reach new customers and maximise revenue from existing clients.
30 hours per month60 hours per month
Marketing and Design Flexible Retainer
No 2 months are the same in business, and your marketing needs can vary from month-to-month. With this in mind, we created our ‘pick n mix’ style retainer package: you pay for a set number of hours, and your dedicated Marketing Director allocates them according to your specific project requirements.
An example month showcases how our 60-hour package can work:-
30 hours Marketing Director9 hours - social media management7 hours - graphic design7 hours - SEO7 hours - PR
Together, we can do incredible things.

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We Are...

● A fearlessly creative and strategically driven team.
● A passionate bunch of collaborative experts with the desire to make a difference.
● A single agency solution, with specialists in all areas of marketing and design.
● A virtual marketing team for businesses without an internal resource.
● A low-cost hub making marketing and design excellence accessible to all.

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