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Who Are We?

The Marketing and Design Collective is a new kind of marketing agency created to help businesses evolve and branch out in inspired new directions. We are composed of an exceptionally talented bunch of freelance marketeers, designers and a network of unique creative businesses.
By blending our collective experience and diverse talents, we can offer clients the ease of working with a single agency combined with the expertise and creative passion of independent professionals at the top of their game. So you get the same dedicated care and attention to detail you’d get with a monolithic, city-based agency, but without the colossal price tag.
As experts in our respective fields, we’re all very successful in our own right, we even boast a number of award-winning specialists within our ranks, so we can confidently deliver exceptional services with tangible results.
We are just as excited about building project teams for small local businesses as we are for leading national and international brands. So whatever your budget, we can maximise every penny to work for you and your business.
Are you looking to build a cohesive brand strategy and marketing plan for your already established business? Or do you need a dream team to bring your start-up idea to life? Get in touch and find the solution to suit your needs.

What We Do...

With such a diverse range of talent at our disposal, we can offer a wealth of bespoke services to suit your needs. Looking for a retained marketing team to collaboratively manage your in-house strategy, planning and implementation? Or a fearlessly creative and strategically driven marketing solution that brings your ideas to life? Whatever you might need, we'd love to work with you.

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We Are...

● A fearlessly creative and strategically driven team.
● A passionate bunch of collaborative experts with the desire to make a difference.
● A single agency solution, with specialists in all areas of marketing and design.
● A virtual marketing team for businesses without an internal resource.
● A low-cost hub making marketing and design excellence accessible to all.

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Our Vision

To establish a thriving creative community that supports and harnesses the skills of exceptionally talented marketers and designers, whilst making world-class marketing expertise readily accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Our Story

Introducing The Marketing and Design Collective.
The Marketing and Design Collective formed during the 2020 pandemic to bridge the gap between creative minds and bring together the most innovative marketers and designers into one place.
We’re a friendly community of professionals who operate as freelancers or run our own successful independent businesses. We then combine our array of specialist skills, knowledge and expertise to curate masterful business projects and exceed the ongoing needs of our retained clients.
Our members are chosen for their individual talents and their passion for making a difference to our clients’ companies, no matter their size or project budget. By stripping away the usual overheads and unnecessary costs associated with marketing agencies, we can pay our team members what they’re truly worth, whilst offering expert marketing solutions at a fair price.
We support and encourage one another through each collaborative effort by exploring new creative directions that help us to learn and develop as professionals. We believe that we’ve created something truly special, and we’re all excited to be a part of it.
As the world faces new challenges, we thought it was important to form a mutually beneficial foundation. A place where we can nurture new businesses and develop established brands in bold ways, as we learn and grow together.
Our services include everything from brand strategy development and marketing planning, through to social media and PR, copywriting, event management, influencer and partnership marketing, graphic design, concept design & animation, web design, digital marketing, telemarketing, international marketing and translations, photography and video.

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