We’re so excited that you’re interested in joining our uniqueMarketing andDesign Collective.


With the crazy year that everyone’s had in 2020, you’d be joining us in the early days of something that we believe is going to be truly special, for both our paying clients and for each and every one of our Collective members. Firstly we’d like to share a bit about who we are, so you can decide whether we’re the right collaborative team for you:

Who are the Marketing and Design Collective? The Marketing and Design Collective is the vision of our founder Annalie Hempstead, and we know that in a changing world we’re creating something exciting for everyone involved. Annalie’s worked in senior marketing roles for over25 years and in that time she’s been both a client and agency specialist.
These experiences have been invaluable in terms of defining the Marketing and Design Collective. Over the coming months, days and years we’re excited about working with a team of incredibly talented and passionate marketeers and designers to build a new kind of marketing agency for the dynamic and exhilarating times that we’re living in. Gone are the days of marketing agencies charging crazy money to their clients and paying their team peanuts. Access to exceptional talent shouldn’t purely be the privilege of businesses and brands with huge marketing budgets.

How does it work?

1. In a nutshell, we’re creating a network of talented and collaborative marketing and design freelancers and small businesses.
2. We’re building an ongoing pipeline of new business with organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors, through a proactive marketing and referrals campaign.
3. On receipt of a client brief, we identify the team that are best suited to complete it on behalf of The Collective.
4. Prior to presenting this to the client, we ensure the commitment and availability of the team.
5. Before embarking on a project we ask all members involved to sign a Service Level Agreement to ensure that they complete the project to expected standards and within expected timelines.
6. Each project is co-ordinated by an Account Manager with full transparency, so where applicable Collective members will be present in client meetings etc.

Our Mission is to be accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes and to build collaborative teams of experts and professionals that work with our clients to realise their growth and development aspirations. We will achieve this through building an exceptional base of talented individuals and small businesses with strong personal values, our lowcost base and our policy to pay our freelancers and Collective partners what they’re worth.
As well as creating working groups for our clients, we’re very passionate about building a community that our Collective members can be proud and excited to be part of. We feel that this is particularly important in the remote working world that we’re moving in to and that it will form the foundation of some incredibly creative working groups that will make amazing things happen for each other and our clients.


7. To ensure an exceptional quality service for our clients, we’ll carry out reviews on the completion of each project and will engage with retained clients on a regular basis to ensure that our service is fully meeting their expectations.

Does this sound like your kind of team?

If this sounds like the type of team that you’d like to be part of, then let us know a bit more about your experience, expertise and your personal ethics.

The form below may feel a bit like war and peace but please bear with us. We need to get a true understanding of who you are and where you fit within the unique jigsaw.
Completion of the form below isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be invited to become part of our Collective.
As well as looking for people with exceptional marketing or design talent, it’s imperative that everyone that we bring on board is a nice, collaborative individual with really strong personal values.


We’re not going to white label your services, so every interaction that you have with our clients and our Collective members will be transparent and honest and it’s our job to protect the reputation and integrity of The Marketing and Design Collective for every one of our members. Following completion of the form, we'll be in touch to arrange a discovery Zoom call and we'll contact your references.

It's all about You!

This is where we really get to know about you as a person, so don’t hold back.

Needed during the form:
5 Minute Personality Test Link - http://bit.ly/5MinPersonalityTestAdobe Creative Types Test Link - http://bit.ly/AdobeCreativeType

Make sure it includes a reference to your specialist skills.
For example, graphic design, copywriting etc.
Don’t worry if you don’t – experience and passion are the most important things!
Local, national, international etc
Please include links to your LinkedIn and social media profiles

5 Minute Personality Test (Optional) - Tick your personality type based on the results of the test.

See link at the beginning of the form.

Adobe Creative Types Test (Optional) - Tick your personality type based on the results of the test.

See link at the beginning of the form.

Do you prefer to work on a day or project basis for your services?*

If you have capacity for extra work and we have a client with low budgets, how low would you go in terms of your day rate? We wouldn’t commit to this rate without consulting you first, but it would save us a lot of time if we understand your expectations.
Let us know if you have any package project prices that you’d be happy for us to present to our clients e.g. website build, brand design etc.
We’re keen to be accessible to both local and national charities, so let us know if you’re happy to offer your services at a discounted rate for good causes. Again, we wouldn’t commit your time without checking with you first.

Would you be prepared to offer some free time for the completion of government tenders and RFPs, on the understanding that on award of the project you would be involved at the pre-agreed level?*

These are just some of the initiatives that we’re thinking of introducing, so please tick any that you’d be happy to support us with.

Thank you!

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