Networking is so much more than a new business tool

Networking is so much more than a new business tool

An invaluable support network in a crazy world 😁

Networking has become so much more than a tool for generating new business in this virtual world that we're finding ourselves in.

It used to be about catching up with local people for breakfast or lunch once a month to build sales leads but it's actually become a lifeline to meet like minded, positive and supportive people. I've been lucky enough to make some amazing new friends over the past year and I've learnt so much that I'll take with me on my business and personal journey.

I attended an incredible Mastermind session hosted by The Rainmakers Club this week. Themed around mindset, it really did prove to be a game changer. Like many other business owners I've been finding the past few months a challenge in terms of juggling the joys of homeschooling, the isolation and trying to launch a business in the middle of a pandemic. It was amazing to realise that I'm not alone with my feelings and to learn some simple tools to get through the next few months with my sanity in tact🤪 Beyond the Mastermind sessions, The Rainmakers are so much more.  I've got a sounding board and support network that are helping me with making the right business decisions and giving me guidance and direction when I need it.  As the Collective, we're very proud to be a partner member of The Rainmakers and we're looking forward to them working with our clients and Collective members to support them on their journeys.

I started off my virtual networking journey with the inspirational Felicity Francis at Talk Networking. She is mad as a box of frogs 🐸which is the perfect antidote to life at the moment. It was amazing to meet someone that's so passionate about what they do and that's clearly reflected in the amazing network of people that she's brought together using a series of innovative networking formats.  These sessions are the perfect light relief from a stressful day - don't ask about the elephants 🤣

The amazingly passionate team of Operations and Performance Experts at Ovate (Catherine and Daryl Searle) were disillusioned by traditional networking and wanted to create something really special. - They have certainly done this with their Business Coffee Club.   hosted every fortnight.  With a different topic of discussion every week, it's a unique way to really get to know individuals and to understand their personal values.  Starting off as an event targeted at the Essex Business Community, they're now seeing national and international visitors to the group.

I've recently started on my networking journey with 1N.  I was truly inspired by Brad Burton's vision for the future of networking and after a few weeks I've already had some valuable conversations.  In the same way as The Marketing and Design Collective, it's about bringing together incredible, nice people to build purposeful support networks. 

The landscape of networking has changed forever and I truly believe that it's for the better.  Building meaningful national and international relationships without leaving the office is definitely the future and I for one would like to thank the individuals that have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to make this possible.